Let’s be honest: there is no winning strategy in this game. First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the mechanism of the game. Make sure that you know the rules in detail, understand how the cards are dealt, and realize how important each of them is. This article aims to answer these questions.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Free baccarat online is played at a round table by 12 players and 2 bankers. Each player has a choice: a bet on the player or on the banker. A bet must be made before croupiers deal cards. There is also a third option: bet on a draw. Draw wins when both the player and the banker have the same cards.

American live baccarat online free play is a special version of the game called “Punto banco”, which means “Player and Banker”. All those present at the table make their bets, after which the player and the banker receive two cards each. The hand that is close to 9 points wins.

If the player scores 8 points and the banker scores 3, then the first wins. Everybody who has made a bet on the Player also wins. If the number of points coincides, then the one who chose the Player or the Banker loses, and the victory goes to the one who bet on a Draw.

Placing Bets

The first rule of victory when playing baccarat online for free is that you should avoid betting on a draw. We are not against anyone’s draw, but at the same time, we believe that the decision to place a bet on a position with a 14% casino share does not comply with the principles of a successful tactic.

Due to the high probability of a loss, a bet on a Banker may become one of the best decisions when choosing a game tactic. Experts advise betting on it because it wins in more than half of the cases. That is why many owners add 5% of the commission to it.

Although betting on a Banker is indeed considered the best option to play free baccarat online, everything changes a bit when you start following a certain tactic. The fact that the rate on the Banker is subject to a commission of 5% makes it not very profitable in progression.


Some practices that are widely used at other tables may also be applicable in this game. Simple strategies like D’Alembert and more sophisticated tactics like Labouchere can help you avoid uncontrolled accidents. Players equally often use both positive progressions like Parlay or Paroli and negative betting systems.


So, if you play mini baccarat online for free – you need to exit the game when you are in plus. This game is based on probability, and therefore you can never accurately predict your win or loss. Just enjoy the game and its social aspects, and don’t forget to control your gaming budget. This strategy works in all situations.