A group of American experts made an analysis of the current state and prospects of the online chinese gambling market in all States of the world. To complete the picture, experts studied the legislation for both the Internet and real markets. But, the market does not always function according to the rules established by lawmakers. Therefore, experts also drew attention to the real state of the industry in each country. Let’s pay our attention to the results.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

For more than half of the population of planet Earth, access to online gambling websites is completely closed or very limited. Only in 60 States of the world it is legalized, regulated by specialized state services, and citizens are allowed to place bets.

The situation with online gambling legality is complicated. This is due to the fact that state regulatory bodies have different attitudes towards national and foreign operators.

Fact 1. In 39 States, this activity is completely prohibited, so some people didn’t hear even what is online gambling (Libya, Iran, North Korea).

Fact 2. In 32 States, local operators were banned from opening web casinos, but foreign operators continue to accept bets (USA, France, Belgium). There are various reasons for the occurrence of such a situation. Some governments simply do not have the resources to effectively block access to the sites.

Fact 3. In 61 States, to open a web casino or to make an online gambling app you need to get a license from a local regulator (Italy, Spain, Turkey). In half of these States, licensee requirements are designed in such a way that only a local company can obtain permission.

Fact 4. In 93 States, the activities of web casinos are not prohibited and do not require the mandatory receipt of a license from the regulator.

Player’s Perspective

The problem of online gambling legal status continues to make the life of lawmakers very complicated. However, the same applies to players, who don’t really know what actions will be taken by authorities in case he decides to make an online bet.

  • In 92 States, nothing will happen to him, since such actions are not punishable.
  • In 15 States, a web casino bet will be considered an administrative offense.
  • In 23 States, internet gaming is a criminal offense.

Some states are taking additional steps to make it difficult for their citizens to access the best online gambling apps:

  • In 36 States, Internet service providers are required to block users from accessing all web casinos.
  • In 18 States, authorities oblige banks to block financial transactions involving gaming establishments.

In Conclusion

Despite we live in an online gambling age, there are still many places where this activity is prohibited. However, things are changing fast, so in a couple of years, we will see completely another picture. Before to start playing, we recommend to read online gambling reviews by the country to know for sure what is the legal status of a certain institution and if it worth your trust.

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