Many devoted visitors are so keen on the game that they simply lose track of time, spending hours at a card table or slot machines. About a quarter of all the players cannot control themselves and spend more than 5 hours with the only purpose – to win. Some visitors are even ready to pull the handle 15 hours a day. If you try to ask them why they are doing this, none will be able to give an intelligible answer. Someone will refer to their weakness, and someone will say this is a passion. How to deal with that?

What Leads to Uncontrolled Excitement

Perhaps, having visited the first online casino, you will not feel any adrenaline and rush to spend money. However, if you try to play again and again, then after a while, you will definitely become addictive. The design of the live online casino itself provokes it. The player intrigued by the process will simply lose track of time.

The attraction power of slot machines is so irresistible that many forget about sleep and food breaks. From this point of view, web casinos are much safer than their traditional counterparts. You have the opportunity to control how much time you spent playing the game, which means the chance will stop much higher.

Rules of Self-control

Rule 1 – watch the time. As already mentioned there are no clocks but it does not matter, you will bring your own. To do this, put them on your hand, or switch on the alarm clock on your mobile phone.

Rule 2 – get rid of external irritants. The sounds of slot machines can provoke you to continue the game in a big win online casino. To reduce their impact – turn off the sound.

Rule 3 – make small bets. The true way to lose is to bet all your money at once. Thus, the game can end without even starting.

Rule 4 – take time for a break. As already noted, you should take either a watch or a mobile phone with you and activate the alarm function on it. As soon as the designated time comes, you will have to walk, eat, drink – i.e. distract your thoughts of the game.

Rule 5 – try to control the situation around you. Some players are so addicted that they do not notice what is going on around them. You always need to be alert.

In Conclusion

Each time you visit a legal online casino – be careful and follow your inner voice. If your relatives noticed your addiction – it is better to take care of yourself before it started making financial problems. Keep track of your time and follow your budget so you would be able to control your addiction.  Good luck with getting your jackpot!